Understanding Different Types of Staffing

Direct Hire or Direct Placement

Direct Hire is a service where a staffing agency recruits a full-time employee for your business.  This is great for businesses who may have a higher-level position they are having difficulty filling or a specialty position that may require specific experience. The agency will handle all recruiting details and hand deliver a candidate to you, allowing you to stay focused on your company. Because agencies specialize in recruiting, they have a pipeline and proven process that can find top talent faster than you would on your own.


  • Meeting with you, reviewing job responsibilities, job description and company culture to design a recruiting plan specifically for your company.
  • Recruiting top candidates through job boards, social media, sourcing and searching
  • Conducting phone screens, virtual interviews, in-person interviews with you.
  • Reference checking, background checking and drug screening (if applicable)
  • Negotiating job offer
  • Following up with candidate until they start on their first day

Temporary to Permanent

Temporary to Permanent or Temporary to Hire is different than a permanent placement position. Here, a staffing agency will recruit and a candidate and there will be a probationary period (for StaffEase this is usually 520 hours worked). During this time the agency will provide payroll and insurance for the candidate. After the probationary period, you get to decide if you would like to extend a full-time offer to the candidate.


This position is great because it allows a “try before you buy” period. You will get to see how the potential employee works before making the commitment of hiring them full time. This can save you money on the back end by not recruiting on your own and avoiding any hiring mistakes.

Temporary or Project

Temporary work, also called seasonal or project work is when you utilize a staffing agency’s employee to help temporarily. This is extremely useful when you have experienced an increased workload but know it will not last long term. It can provide flexibility, saves money, helps reduce workload stress on your current staff and you have no commitment. The agency handles all payroll, benefits and insurance for the employees.


In “payrolling” you find the employee and they work under the staffing agency. At StaffEase we offer this option to you at an extremely discounted rate since you sourced the candidate. The staffing agency serves as the employer of record.  For the most part that means that employee and employer liabilities attach to the agency, not the client.  The agency is responsible for collecting and remitting payroll taxes and for paying all the employer taxes such as FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Workers’ Compensation and any local payroll taxes. This solution is helpful if you are opening a business in a state you may not be licensed in yet, you have a project, you are a small business that may not have the expertise of hiring and payroll, you may want to utilize workers you know for a short period of time or you simply do not want the burden of payroll. We will provide your company’s payroll, record keeping, filing of insurance claims and government reporting- for one or one hundred employees for days, weeks, months or longer.

StaffEase offers a free 30 minute phone conversation where we can learn more about your situation and help you decide on what option may be best for you and your business!

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